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Proofing is a way to be efficient with both of our time. You choose which images you like, and I apply finishing edits to only those images.  Proofing means you get your final set of images faster, and saves me time editing images that you're not going to use.

On a side note, please forgive my drawing on the images in the rest of this guide.  I am not a painter, or even remotely good at drawing with a mouse.

Proofing Steps:

1) Once you've clicked the link in your proofing e-mail from me, it's going to take you to a gallery hosted by Adobe.  You will need to click on the profile button  in the upper right hand corner to login (as seen in the image to your right).  You can use an Adobe, Facebook, or Google account to log in.

2) Once you're logged in, go ahead and start click on an image that you like.  Once you've clicked on a specific image, it'll blow that image up to a larger size for you.  If it's an image that you want for your final selection, click the "heart" button (as seen in the image to your right) in the bottom left corner. 

You can also click on the comment button if there is something specific you're hoping for in the final version of the image.  I always do my best to incorporate your requested changes.               

And that's it!  So easy we didn't even need a third step. 

Well, just kidding, there is a next step; that next step is to give me time to edit your final batch of images and send them over to you!  Unless otherwise stated, I supply high resolution files at 300 PPI so your images are print ready the moment you get them.

Talk soon,


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